Sarina Kamini : The Spice Mistress

Fill your belly with spices nd your heart with laughter!

Explore the art of spice balance, learn Kashmiri cooking techniques, share a meal, and take home traditional Kashmiri recipes in a small-group, two-hour class with Australian-Kashmiri author and food writer, Sarina Kamini.

Classes cater to all levels and include:
~ Spice Basics
~ Traditional Kashmiri cooking
~ Private spice class and / or spice class + dinner in your home or accommodation.

”I’m cooking up a spicy celebration for a group of mothers and their adolescent daughters planning a coming of age/introduction to womanhood this weekend. Speaking with spices is my favourite way to connect, and since I’ve started classes and spice experiences I’ve been invited to celebrate some really beautiful milestones through my cooking.

There was the group of amazing winery women who had me teach and cook in celebration of achieving financial targets at work.

Another woman who invited me to take a private class for her and three women friends. It was only after she messaged a ‘thank you’ to me the next day that I found out the evening’s significance: it had been her first night entertaining in her home post-separation.

My spice class has been the centre piece for fortieths. And fiftieths. For both men and women.
Something about this Saturday night feels extra special. I was cooking tonight thinking what sort of essence I would have found helpful as an adolescent teetering on the threshold of womanhood.

Stability, of course. Flavours strong and earthy. Ground cumin.
Sweetness, a reminder of the childhood I want to keep. Cinnamon.
Subdued heat, for the sexual smoulder I’m not quite prepared to have flame. Black mustard seed.
And fire. For the self-determination I want to give free reign. Chilli.

I’ll use all of these spices as I prepare my menu over the next few days. I’ll tell the stories to these women and girls as I serve them, and I hope that my food goes some way to articulating exactly what it is they need. ”   Sarina.

Picture: Samira Damirova

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