Rivers Of Silk

If you would like to have something designed and created especially for a special occasion, wedding, birthday gift, corporate gift, promotion, compay uniform, or just because you feel like it, Michelle Miller can create the piece that you desire. For limited edition handcrafted pieces.

Our Philosophy
Filling the world with rivers of silk……Rivers of Silk  (Margaret River, Western Australia) was created from the desire to make beautifully hand crafted textiles that delight the senses of both sight and  touch.

They are “Art Works” that are to be viewed as well as worn, to become important and uplifting element of ones  everyday existence. They have their own creative soul…Since 1998 Michelle had the vision not only to create beautiful wearable pieces of artword but to also share in the knowledge of the process. Working as both an artist and educator can have its challenges. It was always the intent to encourage others to explore their creativity in a gentle way and to also find a greater understanding of the creative process.

Rivers of Silk is not just about production, it is about the whole experience. Each piece maintains its own life and we are proud to say that we have maintained the integrity of hand creation. Keeping the processes simple we are able to explore more of the elements of colour and play with the unique qualities of silk.

The silks chosen are fine, yet strong, and have the incredible ability to move with grace. The lustre is most seductive and the viewer cannot help but submit to the urge to touch. The lightness in quality allows the play of light from any direction and creates a greater luminosity in the colours used.

Years of colour play have culminated in the joyous and enchanting experimentation of colour depth and combinations. This is one of the most flexible elements within the process allowing incredible exploration of the creative response.

Let your eyes enjoy the play of line and colour.
The design process is somewhat ‘Zen’ with each piece being born wtihin te mind of the artist before it is executed.  The work is often spontaneous and exploratory.  Eery piece with it’s own identity, lines and shapes, creating a life of it’s own.   Enjoy and appreciate the quality of a hand crafted item that is truly unique.


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