Noah Shilkin

Noah Shilkin, pianist, vocals, musician weddings and events
On the back of an illustrious career which has seen Noah working with some of the worlds most famous musicians
including Alanis Morrisette, Bryan Adams, Loverboy, boy+chik and AC/DC, Noah has finally returned to Australia and is set to make his mark on Australian audiences.  

Noah Shilkin is a recording artist, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and fine vocalist who is truly at home performing on the piano. He has composed for Nike, Chevrolet, Calvin Klein, General Motors, Disney Nelvana, ESPN, playwright Harold Pinter and the artist Robert Rauschenberg.  He was also keyboardist and songwriter for legendary New Zealand band Mother Goose.

His songwriting catalogue boasts over 300 songs and includes the Voodoo Opera “Under a Mardi Gras Moon”.   Noah’s ever expanding repertoire also includes 100’s of re-mix versions from many of everyone’s favourite artists.  Logging over 3000 live performances around the world he continues to play to a loyal following just “because it’s fun” and as any true showman will say “performing is in the blood”.   

Noah can easily bring your favorites into a tailored playlist that will ensure your special day is truly all about you.


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