Miriam Avery

Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_1Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_25“My name is Miriam Avery.

I am a multi award winner in floral styling for weddings and events. My team and I create dream weddings and events across Western Australia and the globe.

We have over 15 years of wedding industry experience and can create anything from a small buttonhole to an epic ceiling installation covering hundreds of square meters. Our styling portfolio is exclusive to our floral design clients and incorporates all aspects of your wedding or event from the style of your cutlery and the fold of your napkin to the design and layout of your lighting and furniture.

Every wedding or event is unique, and we work very closely with all our clients to bring their vision to life. Our designs and ideas are imaginative, bespoke and spell bindingly beautiful. We love working with as many natural materials as possible and source our products from all around the world and locally to achieve the ultimate “wow factor” for your event.

Miriam Avery is based in Margaret River but designs weddings and events across Western Australia and is available, upon request, to travel interstate and overseas to create something very special for you.” Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_5Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_18Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_15 Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_21Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_11Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_13Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_19Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_17Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_16Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_18Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_20Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_22Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_23Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_12Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_14Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_22Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_9Miriam_Avery_Florist_mrbg_10

Miriam Avery weddings, florist, stylist, designers, Margaret River region.
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