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Offering you a fun, easy and unforgettable step off the beaten track: Mick will help you to experience rock climbing and abseiling on the spectacular sea cliffs, or discover the private access caves hidden amongst the majestic trees of the southern forests.

Your safety is his #1 concern, so rest assured – when you take the plunge with Mick you’re not only living on the edge, you’ll live to tell the tale! With thousands of vertical tours under his belt, he’s left countless happy customers with unforgettable memories of their day ‘hanging out’ … Simply put: Mick Rocks!

Rock climbing, abseiling and caving adventures. Groups of 2 – 24, ages 9 to ninety! Family, corporate, friends or travellers, come and have some fun.

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We get lots of odd requests…but this was a doosie! Sean Blocksidge from The Margaret River Discovery co. chose us to facilitate one of the most special moments of his life! We took him & Erin to a private part of the seacliff where no one goes so he could propose to her on a shady ledge by the ocean…awesome!!! Congratulations guys.  it gave me the fuzzys!!!









Margaret River Climbing Company

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