Live Stream Down South

Live-Stream-Down-South-wedding-films-heroLive-Stream-Down-South-wedding-films-1Live Stream Down South allows you to share your special day with family and loved ones who can not make it on the day.  Live streaming your wedding also keeps an online recording of the ceremony that allows you to watch it back at a later date and relive the happy memories. We can set up a public link so that anyone can tune in, or make it a private event for select participants only.

Live streaming is a great addition to videography and wedding videos that are available. The best way to get your wedding live is to allow someone else to handle it from start to finish so that you don’t need to worry about the logistics and technical aspects.

How does it work? We will provide you or a family member with an online link that can be shared with others.  At the completion of the service, the link will remain active indefinitely, and you will be able to watch it back at a later date or share it with others who could not tune in live.

Live Stream Down South can be complimentary to other providers and services, as the output is instant and allows others to join you in real time, or watch it back at a later date. We work closely with other videographers around Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West to ensure that you have your wedding ceremony covered from all angles.

We recommend streaming the wedding service, and leaving the coverage of the reception and speeches to your photographer or videographer as it is best not to send live footage of this part of the evening.

Requirements for streaming your wedding is a power source and mobile phone reception to transmit the stream to the internet. We provide all other equipment required. If we have not worked at the venue before, we will undertake a site visit to check the venue and test the mobile reception. Outdoor venues provide their own unique challenges, so please contact Andrew to discuss what is possible.


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