Hilary Heyden Photography


Hello friends,
Thank you for stopping by.
I am Hilary.

I have always had such a love for photography and for meeting new people.
In travel and everyday life, I love meeting people of different cultures and walks of life that have enriched and expanded the way I think and see the world.

Living and growing up in South Africa, has made me so grateful for being in such a multicultural country, Australia, where I have met so many people from so many different lands.

Ok, so I am not going to tell you that I have been doing photography for 30 years because that would make me a liar and that would make me old, neither of which, I am!

I still remember the moment I became obsessed with photography. I was in Rotorua, New Zealand and I saw a little girl (who was my age, so I was little too) with a camera. I was instantly jealous and from that moment on, my love for photography grew after taking photography class in high school, travelling and viewing the world through my lens and studying photography at College.

I have always been a visual person. I see faces on cars, shapes in the clouds and in everything I look at. I would often try and show people, but they could never see what I saw. In photography I have found a way to show you what I see through my lens.

What I like to see is an emotion called love.
This emotion cannot be faked.
Let me capture your story, your emotion, your love with your family, your lover or friend.
So tell me about yourself,
I cant wait to hear from you.

♥ Hilary xo

P.S. I am open to travel and we can even meet and get to know each other on Skype.



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