Floating Euphoria

Floating Euphoria Margaret River wedding wellness relaxation
Floating Euphoria offers customers a unique experience in floatation therapy.   Join us on a relaxing journey that will take your mind on a creative, blissful and healing journey.

Floating allows people to experience emotional expression in a relaxed meditative state, free from sensory stimulation and the pressures of the outside world.

When people float they can experience creativity in their thinking, allowing emotional expression to be released, in a relaxed meditative state. This makes floating a specific reliable tool for relaxing, placing people in a state of absolute rest.

Floating Euphoria Margaret River wedding wellness relaxation
The concept for deep relaxation is something we are all searching for. The benefit of floatation helps provide the best environment for people to experience deep levels of relaxation through early stages of floating. The advantage being, floaters do not need to learn any special technique to trigger this response. It develops naturally and harmoniously within the first 20min inside the tank.

The deep relaxation that occurs to someone when they enter a relaxed floating state slows down the bodily functions. This activity relaxes the brain and slows down the mind with no outside harassment, calming the mind. Allowing the conscious, rational and logical part of the mind to enter a deep state of rest. This shift is important because it allows the left hemisphere of the brain to decrease its activity, allowing the right side of the brain to be accessed.

The float tanks have a high concentration of Epson salts, approximately 250kg to 500Lt of water. This creates our floating environment providing water as dense as the Dead Sea allowing you float weightless without the affects of gravity. The tanks are heated to average skin temperature 34.5C, allowing you to loose track of your body in the float. A single float can last between 1-2hrs, usually in silence and darkness, but if needed light or music can be used.
Floating Euphoria Margaret River wedding wellness relaxation

Floating Euphoria Margaret River wedding wellness

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