DJ Swami

SwamiAdima_mrbg3Swami Adima is one of the busiest, most popular and well loved DJs in the South West for a reason. With over 20 years of experience, he enhanced the solid reputation he’d created playing the flourishing Perth dance music scene when he moved down South in the early ’90s and became resident DJ at the legendary Coconut Club in Dunsborough. Many years later he borrowed the name of this legendary South West night club to establish the highly reputed dance stage at Sunset Event’s “Southbound Festival”; a 20,000 strong musical celebration happening every January in Bussleton.

Adima not only plays to massive crowds there each year but also books a bevy of incredible Western Australian DJs and acts as stage manager over the course of the event, an impressive feat in its own right.

This classic character has an astounding musical collection with a catalogue that showcases the best of every genre imaginable. He is renowned not only for his amicable personality and reliability but his impeccable talent for choosing the right track for the right moment every time. From superb chilled selections to old school funk everyone will enjoy, to classic numbers that get audiences dancing riotously, DJ Swami Adima is a winning selection for your venue or event.



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