DJ Namu

Andrew Bromley AKA “DJ Namu” is a seasoned performer with the experience to provide the perfect soundtrack for your special day.  An extensive music collection and industry standard equipment allows him to provide a playlist to suit every taste, the emphasis on enjoyment, relaxation and entertainment.

A professional DeeJay since 2000, Captain Namu has played at the past three Southbound Festivals as a part of the Coconut Club and also at the Festifull of Funk every year since it’s inception.  Add radio appearances and residencies at Malt Market and the Cape Wine Bar and you have a DJ with the skills to make your wedding music all it can be.

Five Good Reasons  to contact  DJ NAMU for your wedding.

1. He will play the music YOU want to hear
2. Professionalism in every aspect.
3. Over a decade of industry experience
4. Flexibility to create the perfect soundscape for your perfect day.
5. Package deals with accomplished musician Melanie Timms. Wy not have a musician AND a DJ.


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