Chelsea Morgan

Chelsea Morgan and the Woven Soles
Hey!!! My name is Chelsea Morgan. I am a folk/country/pop singer/songwriter from Western Australia. I love to travel and share my stories and inspirations through song. I couldn’t do it without my ever-evolving band, The Woven Soles, as we gig around the country.

Some say that it’s my deep passion for people and my curious nature that fuels my songs. I’d have to agree. Yes, I was that kid who always asked “But why?” And I still am!    I try to keep my song writing raw, honest and open and often talk about topics in my songs that others wouldn’t necessarily talk about but can all relate to: – fragile, sensitive, deep, sexual, angry, bold subjects and situations. I don’t have an answer for why I do that; it’s just what flows out of me.     I try to pour energy into every song I write, making each song a life force of its own. Whether I strike a nerve with you through my music – or put you at ease – the stories are ones that will make you think. And as human beings, that’s what we are good at. 

We are touring around country Vic and Western Aus, so keep your eyes peeled! You will see us around!    Anyway, have a look around on our website and get to know our music…You might just like what you hear!     If you do, grab an album and help support Australian, independent music!

Happy listening!
Chelsea Morgan and The Woven Soles xx
ChelseaMorgan_mrbg2015_1Chelsea Morgan and the Woven Soles at Caves House Hotel Summer Sessions


Chelsea Morgan and the Woven Soles Margaret River region band

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