BOS Lara Rose Botanical Stylist

Bos_Lara_Rose_MRBG_logo1BOS_Lara_Rose_Paris_Hawken_Photography_mrbg102BOS LARA ROSE BOTANICAL STYLIST is passionate about creating bespoke and luxurious down to earth weddings.Drawing on 15 years of experience in botany, design, art and music festival production you can be sure they will create an immersive environment that will take your breath away.

Lara Rose’s floral installations and bridal party flowers are designed to surpass your wildest dreams, and are full of heart and romance. With unlimited imagination and an overflowing toolbox of different media, flowers, trees, foliage, fruits, seeds, grasses and herbs, she use flowers in a sculptural way to create stunning botanical art.

Specialising in themed weddings, with an ever-growing collection of unique decor, props and lighting they can transform any space. From backyards and function venues to dusty paddocks and wild forest hideaways, no location is too remote. Due to the unique nature of her practice, Lara Rose and her team’s floral and styling packages have limited availability.BOS Lara Rose Floral STylistBOS_Lara_Rose_ITWOS_mrbg102BOS_Lara_Rose_ITWOS_mrbg101BOS_Lara_Rose_mrbg100BOS_Lara_Rose_mrbg101BOS_Lara_Rose_Embracing-The-Ephemeral-049 BOS_Lara_Rose_Embracing-The-Ephemeral-088BOS_Lara_Rose_Embracing-The-Ephemeral-027BOS florist, stylist, decor hire by Lara Rose - Lana & Co Marriage PhotographyLana & Co_ BOS_Lara_Rose_mrbg102


BOS Lara Rose Botanical Stylist

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