Beer Dudes

Beer Dudes Margaret River mobile craft beer on tap weddings and events CraftOnDraft_mrbg2

Let’s face it, craft beer is delicious and the freshest beer is on tap!

Through a fondness of craft beer and a frustration of the mechanics involved to pour it, the Beer Dudes bar float project was created!

Our mobile bars here in Perth, Western Australia are re-born horse floats from the 1970’s. Lovingly stripped back, sanded, sprayed and fitted with the most hi-tech beer dispensing equipment available.

Now, we can bring the best bar to you. Fully licensed and stocked with FIVE TAPS OF CRAFT BEER & CIDER, LOCAL BOUTIQUE WINES and HAND-CRAFTED SPIRITS !

“Before, when we joked about having to haul everything by horse and cart we didn’t think we would actually be doing it!”



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