Alice’s Wedding Garden


In the heart of Margaret River’s Wine Region, you will find Western Australia’s newest and most adaptable Wedding Garden. The bridal team’s imagination is the only limitation with this unique venue. It is designed to be used for Services, Receptions and photography.

Located 10 minutes from Margaret River in Rosa Brook, the Garden provides amazing photographic opportunities. Beautiful backdrops are all around.

Now 10 years old, our grounds feature a number of beautiful gardens connected by manicured lawns. The mixture of native and introduced flowers and trees is private, and creates a welcoming, romantic surrounding. The Garden contains both intimate and open spaces, suitable for all sized weddings.

Our plant and tree selection highlights the seasons of the year. In Spring the garden is coloured by irises, daffodils and blossoms. The wisteria arbour blooms. In the South West’s dry Summer, the garden is an oasis of green lawns and shady trees; the rose garden, magnolias and lilies perfume. Autumn, the days are still, our trees colour the sky, and then the ground. The camellias bloom white, pink and red. Winter shows the native flowering plants, pink proteas, and silhouettes trees against a changing sky and golden sun. The kitchen garden starts another year; flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. All provide unique photographic opportunities.

AliceGardenWedding_mrbg5 AliceGardenWedding_mrbg3Alice's Wedding Garden Rosa Brook Margaret River


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