Who is Noah?

At the age of four Noah Shilkin began studying piano with the sisters at Sacred Heart Convent In Perth, Western Australia.  At five he began singing in the synagogue choir. Nevertheless the collision of these two worlds sparked a life-long passion for all things music.

Over 3,000,000kms, 3,000 shows and 300 songs later Noah Shilkin continues his amazing musical career. A veteran of performance from the piano bar to the arena Noah brings an eclectic blend of story and song to the stage.

After 24 years of making music in Canada and the United States Noah has returned “home” to Australia where he spends his time producing and mentoring artists, songwriting and composing in his beautiful studio “The Lollybox” in Margaret River. To avoid turning into a studio mushroom he continues to venture out to play select shows for unsuspecting audiences.

In the words of one critic “Noah is like Victor Borge meets Leonard Cohen – only a few years younger and with a healthy does of infectious inappropriateness. Highly entertaining!”


Q: What does a typical day for Noah look like?
Every day is different – however I spend a lot of time in my studio producing artist’s music projects, writing and recording my own music and practicing. Running my music company Sonic Lolly also means doing lots of business. Phone calls, emails and plotting planning and developing! Sometimes at crazy hours because I work internationally so I deal with the time difference conundrum!

In amongst that I get to do all the normal fun family stuff – hang with my kooky kids and fabulous wife!

Q: Music that influences you?
I started my journey playing classical piano but I love songs – great songs with melodies and good lyrics and passion and honesty.   The genre doesn’t really matter – although there are some I like more than others.

I guess as a singing songwriting pianist I started out with Billy and Elton and Supertramp and the likes and my journey of musical discovery hasn’t stopped. You could spend every minute of a lifetime listening and still not even scratch the surface.

Q: How did Noah find himself in the Margaret River region?
I am originally a Perth boy who grew up either holidaying at Rotto or in Gracetown surfing. So I’ve always loved the region. I then spent 23 years of my career in North America. About 7 years ago came home to be closer to my mum – what with kids and all!

We decided we didn’t want to live in the city so voila we ended up just out of Margaret River. We have some space and a residential recording studio so it’s been great. We love it here!

Q: Favourite place to hang out?     If I’m not “on stage” I like the studio! The beach is pretty good too!!



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