The Wedding Tape

There is a shift, a new era of film making that has seen the wedding film become a mini-cinematic keeper to remember your day.  These productions are set to cool tunes and catches the tempo and joy of the day.  The Wedding Tape‘s style is to capture the natural and untamed moments of your wedding day.   We chat to founder and creative director Todd Delfs about The Wedding Tape  , the company it is today and how it continues to evolve.

What sets TWT apart?   We are very candid and natural. We know everyone says that nowadays but we just aim to observe and capture as much as we can with out being noticed or getting in the way. We pride ourselves in being patient enough to feel for when a moment is about to happen and be ready and recording when it does. Our biggest compliment time and time again is our ability to disappear but still somehow all those good moments are captured and with a level of intimacy. Over the years we have seen how valuable these little films become and the people that fill the frames become the real value of the films more than anything else. Fancy slider shots of the table arrangements or 30 to 40 minute edits are not what we are about. Its all about this one opportunity and the people you get to spend it with, all in the same place,  all at the same time and that is what makes it one of the hardest occasions to pull off and needs collecting.  We try to make our films more like family heirlooms than just a overly long uncut video. All you need sometimes is a taste and it all comes back!

What can your clients expect when they being their journey with TWT?  We really aim to make it as easy and streamlined as we can. Weddings are not easy to organise and consume a lot of peoples time in the lead up to it. If we can stay out of your hair as much as possible then thats great. Meeting in person is always a good idea just to break the ice but we can do skype, or a phone call too. Whatever works best for you. After your booked in Alix, our behind the scenes assistant, will make sure nothing is missed and help the whole team get ready for your wedding. We always touch base again close to the wedding just to check everything over but its all pretty straight forward with us and hopefully after arrive on the day we just become disappear into the background.

Tell us about your gear.   We have very minimal equipment nowadays and thats our preference. We want people to forget we are even there, the more tripods and over the top equipment that people use nowadays we feel really distracts people from the enjoyment of the day. We use small digital SLR cameras and they produce amazing quality without any need of extra lighting. We can shoot some vintage 8mm film too but sometimes its not for everyone so we leave that as a choice.

Best place for coffee?   The Blue Ginger in Margaret River or Bruce Town in North Fremantle!!

Where will we find you when you’re not editing / filming?   The cinema or bodysurfing at Injidup Beach.

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