”Good lighting is tricky… thankfully, we’re trickier!  We’ve mastered the ways to set any mood, so when it comes to lighting we have it covered” says Abby from Festoon.
FESTOON are the event lighting specialists who see the big picture when it comes to setting the scene for a wedding or celebratory event. FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_4FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_3”Light is the difference between being seen or unseen, and we know there is a place for both. Our expertise is light and creating extraordinary spaces that stun. We believe lighting is an essential element for creating a lasting impression and bringing your vision to light.  We like anything that beams, glows, flickers, or sparkles (personalities included) – so whether you’re hosting a small to-do or a fabulous big event, our team of stylists and events crew will work with you to get the light just right.”FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_6FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_8FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_7FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_9FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_2FESTOON_MRBG_Journal_1

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