De La Terre


De La Terre Margaret River botanical wedding floristDeLaTerre2

Cherise Woodhams is the forest florist specialising in botanical styling that steps lightly on the environment. ‘We the natural beauty of the South West while remaining true to our eco-conscious roots.’

Why De La Terre? It references the source of my inspiration and passion. It means ‘from the land’ or ‘of the earth’ in French. I’ve always loved the French language. My own name has European origins and means cherished. I like to think that the choices I make through the business will help to cherish the environment.

Describe De La Terre? Botanical, sophisticated, sustainable, detailed, professional, attentive.

What inspires your creativity? I love to echo the natural beauty of our region. The forests, vineyards, olive groves, caves, our amazing coastline – they all inspire me to approach design and styling from a thoughtful and innovative space.

Where is your paradise down South? Most definitely the Karri forests, slowing down and taking in the solitude definitely does something for the soul.

Words to live by?  “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are”   “Make it simple, but significant”   “Live simply, love generously, learn constantly”

What what sets you apart? The De La Terre experience is highly detailed and professional from the way we provide styling concepts to how we present our designs, not to mention special surprises we have in store for our brides. We feel honoured to be a part of a couples special day and go the extra mile to provide a memorable experience from initial consultations to design installations on the day.


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