An Urban Storm

Meet Sara Urban of Sara Storm Photography.

As well as a photographer, I am a makeup artist, face painter, music teacher, vocal teacher, wife and now most excitedly a mother. Photography fits into my life not as a job, but more as a part of who I am. I started being interested in photography when I was about 9 when I got my first film camera. I am always looking out for beautiful things and I feel like photography instilled that in me, it’s such a positive way to look at life, chasing the light and looking for the beauty, I feel like photographer saved me in a way, it’s all too easy to get dragged down in the human race and miss so many special moments just running life errands, I really do stop and smell the roses.

Q:   What and who inspires your photography?
People inspire me, mostly in their connections with one another, that is why I love weddings. I love the expression in their eyes when the feeling between them can be felt by me even through the lens. Light inspires me, if I am walking along I will stop the couple and move them directly into a light tunnel just to get the perfect shot.

I am also inspired by other photographers, emerging and established. I love to follow them and watch their styles grow and change, there is literally too many amazing photographers to name, but I tend to like lots of light/sun flares and also super crisp high contrast images that pop and a super clean without any grain.

I must admit I inspire myself, I can look back at my old work and see where I have come from and at the end of the day the only photographer I am trying to be better than is the one I used to be.



Q:   Where is your slice of paradise down South?
Wow, it is all so heavenly, I love Boranup Forrest for the  giant trees, the drive from Bunbury to Balingup through donnybrook in spring with the beautiful cherry blossoms, I love the hills on the drive to Manjimup through Nannup, the beautiful wineries down here with the rows of changing leaves, and I adore the old barns and pianos in the bush that not a lot of people even know about because I get to do sneaky photo shoots at those exclusive locations J  But being down south it is all about the beach for sure, and I can’t really pick a favourite but the entire coast along the cape to cape is pretty amazing and I think world renowned, I have been to other beaches around the world and none compare to ours. So I guess anywhere at all down south can be my slice of paradise for the day, if that’s where I am, I will love it.

Q:  What does a typical day look like for you?
5am wakeups with my baby boy, editing in between his sleeps, afternoon photo sessions/client meetings or music lessons.   If it’s the weekend I tend to try catch a local gig at one of the breweries, there are so many talented artists down here.    But my favourite place to be if I have a day off is anywhere with my family or friends, because it’s the company that counts.

Q:  What is your favourite quote / saying?
I just like to smile- smiling is my favourite – Elf
If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”― Roald Dahl
Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds; you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds – unknown author











Q:  What can your clients expect from you / what sets you apart?
I like to laugh, a lot, you can expect to have a sore stomach from laughing!   Amongst my laughing I see things that will frame you and I often have clients thank me because they didn’t ever feel awkward or have to wonder about what to do, I will guide you.

I pay a huge amount of attention to detail, that one leaf no one else would notice until the photos are on the screen, I will foresee and move now, that bit of hair across your face I will move now, your dress not being perfectly laid out I will adjust before I take the shot, I try my best to get photos perfect in camera.    I also find people feel more confident once they see how incredible they already look, so I like to show clients images on my camera screen as I am shooting for 2 reasons.

1: If they aren’t doing something flattering I will give them a direction to fix that then show them the difference – this helps build trust between us.
2: If they are not believing they are doing well it can be such a game changer to show them how great they are actually looking.

I love showing people a photo of them mid- session and seeing their spirits lift and confidence soar, it often brings out even better photos, confidence is super beautiful.     Your wedding day is unique for you and I work within your plans to make it stress-free, fun and the most memorable day in the history of days.

I will work with you before your wedding to make sure the plan of the day includes the right amount of time allocation to ensure your day isn’t rushed and that you feel completely confident in the photos we are about to capture.    I have worked with selfie masters, shy people, wild people and people that have never been in front of a camera. I believe in adapting my directions to suit who you are on your day. I can guide you gently into the most flattering positions to make sure you look back at your images knowing that you looked your absolute best, radiant and full of love!

Q: Before we end, what would you like to share?
Here is a beautiful review from a wedding Client, Sophie Love.
The truth is, anyone can take a photo. Sure, the iPhone has a million megapixel this and a fancy effect that, but in a world where everyone owns a lens, you need a stand out. You see before there was a camera, there was a Sara, the perfect combination of laughter and life. As she confidently bobbles around the bustling crowds, Sara stops to shoot a crunchy Autumn leaf or magical moment of happiness as a father kisses his daughter goodbye. Before there was camera, there was a comedian. Before there was a camera, there was a friend. Your life tells a story and unless someone sees that, you just have a glossy 4×6 of nothing special. But when the moment is there, you need someone who will treasure it as much as you do. Anyone can take a photo, but Sara captures a life.

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