Private Pickle, DJ Robert Southgate
One of the newest and most exciting DJs on the South West scene. Originally from London, UK and now a resident of Margaret River, Private Pickle is becoming a regular feature at venues, festivals and functions in the region. Pickle currently holds the Sunday Session DJ residency at the increasingly popular Brewhouse, Margaret River.

When did your love for music begin?
When I think back to where it all begun, it must have been family journeys in the car as a child. It wasn’t so much that I liked all music per say but it was the connection with certain music. The way that this music could move me, that’s where I found the ‘pure’ love I guess.


How did you begin your professional journey, tell us about Private Pickle?
I started DJing when I was 14 yrs old. It remained a hobby and a love for a long time but not so much a profession. It wasn’t until 6 years of working long hours in the city of London that I realised the high energy positive person in me was beginning to hate daily life. With that realisation I looked to reignite my energy for life and focus on my passion which was music.


Why weddings?
When you become closer aligned to your purpose in life, the universe seems to guide you ever more. I started my professional career as a head waiter for a wedding function venue and now some 10 yrs later I am living in an area abundant with weddings and myself a professional DJ. I love entertaining and I love energy that surrounds a wedding. It seemed somewhat inevitable to me.



What makes an exceptional DJ?
I think the same thing that makes an exceptional person is what makes an exceptional DJ. Yes there are technical skills, but it is to be fully immersed in you passion, to articulate that connection with that passion whole heartedly and without compromise. You do that with the music you love and a crowd will respond emotionally.

What is your working style, how do you connect with your clients?
Time with your clients and lots of random questions. I need to find empathy with my clients and build a picture of how they view music whether they can articulate it or not. It should be a collaboration to achieve a memorable event, I should observe in places and educate in others.

What’s on your playlist?
My first love is house music and the sub-genres therein. That’s what I would be rocking at my own party. I love all kinds of genres and a professional performance would go anywhere through funk, disco, motown, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, pop classics, rock, reggae, folk and acoustic. Good music is good music.


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