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There is nothing more fabulous than a Marquee wedding, where every aspect of the space is considered to create a bespoke venue for the celebrations of a wedding. The creative and logistical brains duo, Mel and Jamie Watts share their thoughts on what to consider and how to ensure your marquee wedding is an absolute success.  Take it from these two power-house professionals.CM_OBF_BlushBLoom”The cost of a marquee is one of the most common enquires we receive from newly engaged couples.  And we get it, because when people start planning their wedding it is usually the first event they have had to organise. It’s not until they get started that they realise the variables involved. Marquees come in all shapes, sizes and looks and they take a bit of forward thinking and planning to make sure the marquee delivers what you have envisioned.” said Mel.

A marquee provides a blank canvas, an opportunity for creativity and design to shine through in a location that will make your ceremony, and or celebration, complete.  The possibilities are varied from gardens to cliff tops and the possibilities are yours to curate.

Everything! But the first thing you need to know is SIZE DOES MATTER!   We will ask you lots of questions to steer us in the right direction. It would be negligent of us if we were to give you a clear roof marquee for a sit down lunch wedding in February.
CM_Empire_Tiller_BaketheCakeIf it is a venue in the Margaret River region the chances are we are familiar with the layout and landscape.  We can advise on the position and which walls will need to be added because of wind direction and the size.  From a venue to a private property, we will take care of the logistics with a site visit to assess the delivery, setup and dismantle procedures.

Your style of dining will determine the layout and style and size of your spaces.  For example Long tables will take up less room but there can be compromises with a mix of round, large squares or an variation in between.  Food services is a consideration that needs to be addressed with your caterer to ensure that the cake table, buffets or dessert stations are taken into account in your layout.  While ensuring your dance floor can accommodate or band or DJ for a fabulous night of groves and moves!Marquees…Size Does Matter!
Photography by Aimee Claire Photography

You are probably going to need one and you are having one inside, extra space will need to be made. We all know how people love to mill around the bar so you may need to make a bit of space for people to linger and mingle.

Well, the obvious one is how do you want it to look? But you also need to think about what you would like to have inside, how do you want it to flow for guests moving in and out of the marquee? Do you want them to enter from one end or from the side? Are you having your dance floor in the middle, to one end or will this be outside?

A cosy corner with lounge seating, a coffee table, rug and floor lamp might be the perfect spot for some quiet time or somewhere for perhaps elderly guests to sit and chat. Remember, weddings are also times for people who may not see each other very often to come together and catch up.  It is the social highlight for many!
Marquees…Size Does Matter!

The most underrated element when designing an event space is lighting.  Yet, it is so critical for setting the ambience of a space.

We can spend all the money and creative energy we like on beautiful decor and breathtaking florals but if the lighting isn’t on point then it will all seem very underwhelming.

Lighting is a design element that allows us to reinvent a space to make it truly yours for the night. But don’t be fooled into a “one size fits all” approach. Lighting options are abundant and should complement what your function requires as it moves from day to night.

When it comes to designing lighting for an event it isn’t just about having strings of light to see. It’s about function and form, matching to the decor and ensuring what we supply suits the type of event being held.If you want something to be noticed, light it up! Lighting can draw your eyes to a beautiful feature piece.  It can be used to soften a lounge space using floor lamps or an overhead pendant and it doesn’t have to be a symmetrical layout.  We can design what works best for the space and all of the elements that are placed in it.

It’s important to understand the aspects of lighting an event space. This shouldn’t be an afterthought when planning and it is imperative to have someone who can be trusted to ensure the right equipment and the correct electrical circuit load calculations are used at your chosen venue.

It’s always best to have a licensed electrician install lighting displays to ensure safety and the proper electrical circuit loading to avoid any mid-event blackouts.  We have Jamie, the other boss, with 25+ years experience in the electrical game (EC7104).

If the look you want is of a clean clear roof then you should look no further than Cape Events. Our clear roof marquees are unique, they install in 5 metre bays instead of the standard 3 metre bays. This means less metal infrastructure and more clear canopy.

A clear roof marquee brings the outside in, but do be aware, it will also create a hot house beneath through the course of the day making it unpleasant for your chosen suppliers completing their installations. We can supply temporary covers to keep everyone cool and to keep your floristry from wilting.

A white roof marquee is a traditional classic and can be dressed in white ceiling and leg drapes. For something a little different, Cape Events is the only supplier of black drapes. You can create the night inside with twinkling fairy lights shining through the drapes giving you a starry finish.

It can be easy to start with what colours or particular theme you love. Moody, chic, rustic, boho, romantic, minimalist, monochrome, dazzling! Have a mood board or somewhere to store all the photos you just love and you will start to see what you are drawn to.Marquees…Size Does Matter!
Photography by Aimee Claire Photography

It’s hard to not picture a marquee roof full of fairy lights. If you are having a cocktail event, fairy lights could be all you need with some added floor lamps or a few feature pendants for a bit of extra ambience. However, if you are having a seated dinner reception then we would advise having extra installations so you and your guests can see what you are eating.

Consider your venue and what lighting they have there for you. If you’re having an area outside of the marquee you may need some strings of lights to create atmosphere or some additional up-lighting of a beautiful tree or nearby vineyards. You may also like to add some lights to an entrance pathway or to the toilets.

Lighting is extremely important for the overall ambience of your wedding. Getting it just right is critical not just on the night but also for your photographers who are capturing the images for you to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Jamie is a qualified electrical contractor (EC7104) and as such, takes the safety of his installations very seriously not only using the highest quality electrical fittings but also taking into account load bearing at different venues. The last thing you want is the power tripping out and you are plunged into darkness in the middle of your night with disgruntled caterers and bar staff. If there are any issues at all, Jamie is on 24 hour call.Marquees…Size Does Matter!
Photography by Teneil KableMarquees…Size Does Matter!
Photography by Photogerson

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