Nicole + Mark

Ayzia_nicolemark8THE PROPOSAL Mark proposed when we were in Rote, Indonesia on April 19 2017. Unlike the mainland, Rote has been kept untouched; a beautifully rugged island with spectacular hills, valleys and escarpments, where livestock roam and free range wherever they please. We were staying in a luxury bungalow on top of the hill with very impressive ocean views. On our first morning Mark headed out for an early surf, leaving me to sleep in, when he returned he suggested I join him to check out the baby goats hanging around our deck.  Mark knows I love baby goats!  I rushed out of bed and more than goats (Mark knows I adore goats!), there was a love heart made of rose petals on the deck and Mark, on bended knee, popped the question. I said “yes!”
Ayzia_nicolemark36Ayzia_nicolemark41Ayzia_nicolemark40Ayzia_nicolemark38Ayzia_nicolemark37THE LOCATION A few months later we were down south looking for the perfect venue for our wedding. We both love the south coast and with Mark’s family in NSW we jumped at the opportunity to show them how beautiful it is.Ayzia_nicolemark51Ayzia_nicolemark35Ayzia_nicolemark27Ayzia_nicolemark49Ayzia_nicolemark50Ayzia_nicolemark31Ayzia_nicolemark30TAKE IT ALL IN  ”Breathe. Have a few moments to just take it all in. Dance until you drop!’‘ NicoleAyzia_nicolemark33Ayzia_nicolemark48Ayzia_nicolemark25Ayzia_nicolemark24Ayzia_nicolemark21Ayzia_nicolemark22Ayzia_nicolemark26 Ayzia_nicolemark23Ayzia_nicolemark17Ayzia_nicolemark18Ayzia_nicolemark15Ayzia_nicolemark20Ayzia_nicolemark16Ayzia_nicolemark10Ayzia_nicolemark9Ayzia_nicolemark5Ayzia_nicolemark3Ayzia_nicolemark1Ayzia_nicolemark7Ayzia_NicoleMark_1

MIXED TAPE BANDS Ray LaMontagne, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Bright Eyes

RINGS Tayha Designs   THE GOWN Grace Loves Lace  SUIT Politix   CELEBRANT Anita Revel  FLOWERS Hope Ryan Floristry  PHOTOGRAPHER Ayzia Jade Photography  VENUE Wise Winery  MUSICIANS Haddassah & Andre / Morris Entertainment  HAIR STYLIST Kate Gray /  HBM Studio  MAKEUP ARTIST Steph Garcia

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