Emily + Steven


I’ve been lucky enough to get a glimpse into this love story – and as I have gotten to know Emily and Steven a little better over time they continue to shine.

They met by chance six years ago at Hearson’s Cove, a beach in Karratha. Emily was doing her rural rotation while at med school, and was disappointed to be sent to Karratha instead of Broome. Steven was based there, too.  Rumour has it that Emily was one of the only ladies he’d met who weren’t bogans – but he tells me she would have shone anywhere, anyway.

Emily says that in the end, this bastion of mining and maleness turned out not to be so bad after-all.  Emily tells me that from that first moment she spotted him she liked what she saw – Steven was tall with great arms, a great conversationist and couldn’t get into a kayak without falling off – which she thought was very endearing!

Steven says he was a bit smitten then and there, too. Em was beautiful! But she was also interesting, intelligent and sparkling and totally unlike anyone he had ever met before! That meeting began an interesting arrangement.

Steven was on a very long – 60 days long – night shift. They would catch up for coffee or dinner at the strangest hours. After six months they had to part: Both struggling to meet their career aspirations they began their long distance love…Em heading back to Perth and Steven staying on ‘up North’ for another 2 years!

During this time they learned a lot about one another, to compromise, to be supportive and to tune into each others feelings – even over the phone. Steven says that along the way he’s observed Emily – no matter what the challenge or circumstances, tackling everything in life with a smile.  Em says that while they’ve mastered their own sense of independence, they’ve learned that valuing each other and their relationship has given them an unbreakable bond and the most solid foundation on which to build their future.

Ceremony expert, Donna : Celebrant

mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_15mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_662019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg8mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_6mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_131mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_-=95mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_922019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg0mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_76mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_55Emily and her bridesmaids gathered at her parents home, on a rural property in Yallingup, while Steven and his groomsmen prepared for the day ahead at a beach house in Dunsborough. ‘‘We associate ‘down south’ with many relaxed, happy memories having spent a lot of our holidays there. We’ve also always felt ‘down south’ weddings have the best atmosphere, as everyone has escaped for the weekend to be with you to celebrate!’‘ Emily and Steven.mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_1692019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg5mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_634mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_233mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_2472019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg4mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_190mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_187mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_198mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_224mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_253mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_271mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_2602019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg6mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_383mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_6682019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_mrbg7mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_430mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_362mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_334mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_507mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_714mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_580mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_600mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_596mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_590mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_227mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_326mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_542mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_549mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_202mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_552mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_557mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_551mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_560A Colour palette of whites, dusted pinks and a garden of green set the tone of an already beautiful setting while a clear marquee gave an appreciation of the views across the vineyard valled and an opportunity to indulge in a mass of fairy lights. T’he fabulous menu created by Tiller Dining began with canapés, followed by a banquet style main course paired with fine Credaro wines.  ”DJ Swami Adima kept the dance floor was packed the entire night, legend!” Emilymrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_604Bake the Cake Margaret River. created a three tier chocolate mud and lemon cake finished with a ‘naked’ style of icing, finished with a simple selection of blooms.mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_555mrbg2019.11.2Steve&EmilyPonting_556RINGS London Jeweller   THE GOWN Karen Willis Holmes  SUIT tailored by Suit Supply London  CELEBRANT Donna : Celebrant, Confetti Days  BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Shona Joy FLORIST & STYLIST Dreamer and Collector  PHOTOGRAPHER John Rice Photographer  VENUE Credaro Wines  CATERING Tiller Events  CAKE Bake the Cake  DJ Swami Adima  HAIR STYLIST Abby Hair Expert  MAKEUP Brooke Carter Makeup + Brow Artistry   MIXED TAPE  Procession: A Thousand Years – Christine Perri.  Recession You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates.  First Dance: Walking on Sunshine 

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