Melissa + Brett

Melissa and Brett knew from the moment they walked into Meelup Farmhouse that this was the place they would celebrate their marriage with family and friend, they simply fell in love with the aesthetic and the people.  But first, the vows were taken on the sandy beach of the beautiful bay of Castle Rock. Here is their story.

”The proposal was a long time in the making.  Being together for 10 years, Brett attempted to pop the question while holidaying in Japan, but a snowboarding accident two days before the big romantic gesture left me with two broken wrists!  And so it wasn’t to be. Then, 6 months later we were holidaying in Bali and after a swim and cocktails (of course), Brett finally dropped a knee and asked me to marry him!” Mel.Mel&Brett_62_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_73_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_774_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_766_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_777_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_74_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_995_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_71_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_1777_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_75_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951We then started our wedding planning and Meelup Farmhouse was the easiest decision, we just knew instantly!  We live in Dunsborough and so it made sense to spend our most special day in the beautiful place we get to call home. On the second day of Meelup Farmhouse’s opening we booked a table to check it out and instantly fell in love with the aesthetics and friendly staff. We didn’t waste any time and secured our date, on that day. For us it was the perfect down south meets Bali vibe, it just had everything we were looking for.Mel&Brett_57_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_60_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_53_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_46_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_49_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_50_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_52_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_48_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_47_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_51_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_55_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_45_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_61_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_56_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_1222_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_23_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_31_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_39_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_7_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_442_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_22_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_11_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_41_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_19_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_14_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_16_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_18_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_12_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_42_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_34_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_37_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951On reflection, for me it was seeing Brett so composed, reading his vows, which were so romantic. He’s not normally a confident speaker but completely blew me away with his beautifully vows. For Brett he said seeing me walk down the isle at one of our favourite beaches; that was the highlight.  While there are a few funny dance floor moments with the funniest being the ‘bouquet toss’….I didn’t know the girls could be so competitive!
Mel&Brett_40_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_5_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_6_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_4_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_3_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951Mel&Brett_1_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951ADVICE FOR SOON-TO-BE-WEDS ”Don’t sweat the small stuff! You’ll never plan a wedding again, just enjoy every bit of it and it will still be beautiful even if things don’t go exactly to plan on the day. Remember to eat some of that beautiful food going around and enjoy time with your guests on the dance floor! Soak it all in because the day goes fast!”

CELEBRANT  Donna McClelland – Confetti Days
Castle Rock beach
ACOUSTIC James Amberley
 Sabushka Designs
BRIDES GOWN Ella Bridal Couture
PHOTOGRAPHER Kelly Harwood  Photography
FILM Wyatt Davies
HAIR STYLIST By Alicia Fryearson Hair
 Beauty Hub
BEAUTICIAN  Backbone Beauty
VENUE  Meelup Farmhouse
DJ DJ Flo-tation
BOUQUETS + ARBOUR Yallingup Event Hire
TABLE DECOR Stem Studio 
PullmanBunker Bay Resort

MIXED TAPE James Abberley played live acoustic and I walked down the isle to his song “Into The Sun”.  First dance was “Im With You” by Vance joy.
James Abberley also played at Meelup Farmhouse (original & covers) then DJ Flo-tation took care of the rest – I think we ended the night with Sandstorm

SOCIAL GATHERINGS Pre wedding we gathered with our wedding party and family at Bunkers Beach House cafe post wedding we hired the outdoor space at the Bungalow Neighbourhood Social for a casual Sunday Session.Mel&Brett_44_KellyHarwoodPhotography-951

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